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"Changing the color in the sales area from the clinical white, to a Burnt Carrot REALLY made an impression" Thanks JT
I'd like to thank you for talking to me when I needed guidance. It's not to often you can find someone as helpful as you were.
Best Regards, Rick 
The book provided a lot of knowledge and I thank you for that. I just know I'm happier making bread than doing anything else. Ed.















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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  Is my credit card safe?
A.  YES! We use PayPal's encrypted payments form
which has a very high
      encryption. Look for the closed lock to confirm.
Q. How long have I been a baker?
A  The short answer would be all my life and is actually 53 years in the
Q. How long will it take to set up a bakery?
A. The answer to that question is a variable that is not in my power
     to answer as a lot of the time will depend upon you, as well as the
     banks if you are borrowing their money and contractors if you are
     building or altering a building.
Q. What sort of oven should I buy?
A. The oven you choose should be one that will be in use most of the time.
     It would not be correct to purchase a five deck 25 tray oven if the days
     production is only 10 trays.
Q. How much will it cost to set up a corner store bakery operation?
A. Costing will depend a lot on the products you wish to make and whether
     or not you purchase new or pre-owned equipment. Expect at least
     $100,000 dollars and up.
Q. Will it be cheaper to buy a bakery already equipped?
A. Almost certainly. Though it will depend upon why the bakery is for
     sale in the first place and how old the machines are.
Q. Will your book help me in a country other than Canada?
A. Almost certainly. The book is designed in principle to help anyone
     thinking of starting or buying into a bakery.
Q. Can a member of my family purchase the book and give it to me.
A. Anyone can purchase the ebook, but only one person can use
     the password and user name.
Q. Is there a way to print the eBook?
A. A printed version of How to Start a Bakery will be available in the
     near future.
How long have you been a baker?
A. I started as a baker in the year 1955 and have worked almost
     continually in the profession.
Q. Do you do consultations?
A. I would be happy to answer any question you might have about the
     bakery profession. In the first instance send an email to
Q. How many books have you got?
A. There are three books at present being developed and one available
     on-line at this time.
Q . What are those books?
A.  How To Start a Bakery is already available Recipe's I use Daily
      is about halfway compiled & My Business Plan is also in the second
      half of completion.
Q . I want to operate my business from home, what is involved?
A . Starting your business at home is perhaps a common sense way of
      exploring your business options. However, it is not always that easy.
      Check with your local authority for legal stuff. Business licensing
      Bylaws, Health departments, as these things are often not allowed.
Q. Do you offer plans for a bakery layout?
A. In my ebook there is a plan for a bakery layout and i would be happy
     to discuss other layouts with you.
Q. Would you be willing to offer onsite consultation and training?
A. The short answer is YES providing we can set up a contract and all
     expenses are met. In the first instance send an       email
Q. I want to start a bakery and found a buttercream frosting recipe that is
     unique and I very much want to replicate it. If I ask the bakery who
     currently makes the frosting for the ingredients, can they refuse to give
     me them?
A  Short answer is YES!







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