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How to Start a Bakery

In today's economy with so many people getting a pink slip from their long time employment and governments trying to assist failing car companies with bailout money, the new stratagies might be better applied by assisting small businesses.

Why small business you might ask? Well, small business employs more people that all the big fortune 500 companies combined.

It's hard to believe I know but we small business people, though we might employ less than ten people and often employ just two, actually employ collectively, more than all the giant car manufacturers put togther.

You may never get the same high hourly wage you once had employed for someone else, but there is a true satifaction in ones own labors, plus the tax breaks that go along with self employment.

Today there are many people looking at starting their own business and becoming self employed, and there are many people looking to start a bakery.

Many of these have the experience to operate a profitable bakery. Many others have a desire to operate a food trade business and have a flair with food presentations.

While many others, have absolutely no idea what it takes to set up a bakery. They have no idea what ingredients to purchase or where to purchase those ingreditents.

Where do you get the equipment or even know what equipment they might require to operate their new business.

If you purchase a bakery that has been in operation for several years, then the equipment is already in the location, but it might be old equipment but still operational, but it might not be suitable to your dream business. By the very token that the equipment is old and operational might be the reason the business is for sale in the first place.

Newer equipment might be the profitable way to go, maybe leasing new equipment is the thing to do. Perhaps buying new equipment will actually increase your profits, by being more efficient.

Perhaps you need to start from the ground up and build a building of your own and furnish it to the products you intend to produce.

Whatever the situation is for you,
we can be a great assistance
to your dream place.

The Crusty Baker has been a professional baker for over 50 years and during that time has been involved with building several bakeries. With training several apprentice bakers. With teaching people in all aspects of bakery methods and proceedures.

The picture behind this white board was The Crusty Baker's own bakery and the last bakery that The Crusty Baker designed for himself.

The Crusty Baker is alway's happy to talk with you in a telephone consultation and could be available to assist on-location during your design and set up period.

Get a FREE 15 minute consultation with Mr Crusty Himself or...

Send a detailed email to The Crusty Baker

  • Tell us what it is you want to accomplish,
  • where you wish to set up business,
  • the date you want to be in business by,
  • how far you have gotten in your business plan THIS IS IMPORTANT!
  • what it is you would like us to assist you with!

Once we have established what it is you need and what we can assist you with, we can then give you a set contract price to assist you.

All on-location assistance will need to be covered by insurance and 100% food-lodging and transportation costs for the duration of that contract.

All payments are to be covered prior to any travel arrangements and we cannot venture into any polically troubled environments.

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