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"Lean How To Start A Bakery ...
... And Make 30-70% Profit on EVERYTHING
Bread, Cakes, Pies and Pastries!”


The United States alone, produces over
8 BILLION Dollars a YEAR in bread sales.
Why not get a slice of that for yourself!


John Taberner -The Crusty Baker Author



From: The Crusty Baker
John Taberner


Dear Fellow Baker,

If you would like to know how to start a bakery,or how to start a cake shop; then you have come to the right place, where the author, John Taberner has been a professional baker for over 50 years. 

John built his own bakery from the ground up, moved a bakery from one location to another. Opened or assisted in opening several start-up bakery business, like plant manufacturing style bakeries, as well as in-store bakeries, has managed both in-store, corner shop and home based bakery businesses.

One of the first things to understand while you are here, on the how to start a bakery home page, is that there are a large variety of products that come under the term BAKERY and starting a cake shop is one of them.

These products can be made, or (manufactured), also in a number of locations and under different types of facilities.

There are of course certain things to know  on learning how to start a bakery, whether you want to learn how to start a cake shop, a bakery business from home. You need to ask " what do i need to learn to start my own bakery or what do i need to learn to start a cake shop".

Are you wanting to learn how to start a bakery within a bricks & mortar shop, perhaps open my own cupcake bakery, maybe it's just a business idea starting a bakery business and you need to get more information. There are many products in a bakery with which you can start a bakery with, even become a manufacturing bakery.

What licenses do i need for a home bakery, is a question to ask before, "how to have a profitable bakery". How hard to start bakery will be answered by your bakery business plan with your experience and confidence.

You should collect all necessary information required to start a bakery. Nobody should go into any kind of home based bakery business, or a bricks & mortar business without a business plan and this "IS" your first step.

There are books on starting your own bakery and some of these can also give you an idea on production techniques and costs for a bakery business, some might also tell you about the equipment needed to start a bakery. One or two might also tell you what that equipment will cost. It is highly unlikely though, because most, if not all books are re-writes of books on how to start a business, which are books with generic subjects and talk of Widgets.

Some of these books "might" be specific - "i want to start a bread shop", will only deal with starting a bread shop. It will not tell you how to start a cake shop bakery. Nor will it likely tell you how to design a bakery, or give you a floor plan.

Similarly, there are books on do-nut shops. Books on franchises will deal mainly with that particular franchise - Coffee shop franchise - donut shop franchise or bread shop franchise in which you are governed by the franchisor and the franchise agreement. Each one is different!

How to start a bakery deals entirely with starting a bakery. That bakery could be starting a cake shop.

Some requirements for starting a cake shop will be the same as starting a home based bakery, will also be the same as a bricks & mortar bakery business

  • design a bakery
  • bakery how much space
  • managing a bakery
  • what do you need to start a bakery
  • how to manage a bakery coffee shop
  • how to have a profitable bakery
  • the production planning of bakery business
  • what licenses do i need for a home bakery

You will find people who - that are planning to start a new bakery, want layout designs.

If you want to buy a bakery cost is a factor. So how much is the cost to open a bakery store?

That question will come from your planning how to start a bakery or how to start a cake shop.

There is no one answer to that.

It will depend entirely upon your type of bakery and what products you are planning on producing in your bakery business. This is why you have a business plan.

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 Have you ever thought about what it would be like
to start your own bakery business?

Click here to start a bakery now.

But what is the first step to opening or starting a bakery?

What will be needed to start a cake shop?

Designing a business plan is the first step and how to start a bakery can help you do that.

Starting a bakery or cake shop can be done almost anywhere!

What type of bakery would you like to start.

  • A home based bakery.
  • Perhaps a mobile bakery shop
  • A donut shop
  • Maybe buy your own cake bakery.
  • Perhaps you want to start a bakery from scratch
  • How about a pet bakery
  • or a franchise bakery business for someone else to manage
  • to start an in home cake bakery

Where could you do that?

The idea is truly appealing, the aroma intoxicating and the customer appreciation unparallel.

People keep telling you that the bread they buy from the supermarkets taste like cardboard, yet they continue to purchase their regular brand of sliced stuff that they complain about so much.

You know what ingredients go to make a loaf of bread taste like it was -- Home Made .

You love to bake, it's what you've always' wanted to do, and your family, friends and acquaintance tell you...  HEY, that tasted "GREAT" , why don't you open your own bakery store.

Well, here is your opportunity, whether its a
  • home based bakery business,
  • or a corner store bakery,
  • a cake shop or a
  • desire to get into a franchise.
  • Maybe you are looking to start a pet bakery
  • maybe you just want to find out what sort of bakery equipment you might require in your bakery venture?

The laws for operating a bakery business, can be different in every state, country or province, as to where a bakery business can be started, because you are producing food for consumption, but knowing what to be aware of can help you!

What are the health requirements
What licensing do you require
How much space do you need for this bakery.

  • 1000,
  • 1500,
  • 2000,
  • 10,000 square feet?

Each piece of bakery equipment has a floor space requirement. Plus you'll need space to work.

  • What products will you make?
  • What ingredients will you need?

All this will come from your business planning and How to Start a Bakery Business can help you do this..

Explains about starting a business.
Will talk about Franchises
Tell you about buying into an existing bakery
Explain's how to start your own bakery
Has an equipment list.
Show you how to do your costing's
Teach about the employee
Can help you to be the manager
Will help you with customer service
Has a bakery layout already drawn  

Stats Canada released their findings for
September 2008 which said, 30,000 people
became self employed in one month alone.


Wouldn't you like to be one of those new businesses in next months stats in your own location.

Did you know that supermarket breads were likely made up to five days before it is delivered into the store.
(I used to be a foreman in such a plant bakery business).

You could make dough every day and have that aroma drifting throughout the countryside. Just imagine your customer coming into the bakery and telling you...

"I could smell your cinnamon buns a mile down the road
I JUST had to come and buy some"!


What others have said..

"Changing the color in the sales area from the clinical white, to a Burnt Carrot REALLY made an impression" Thanks JT
I'd like to thank you for talking to me when I needed guidance. It's not to often you can find someone as helpful as you were.
Best Regards, Rick 
The book provided a lot of knowledge and I thank you for that. I just know I'm happier making bread than doing anything else. Ed.


This is what I show you in my program; "How to start a bakery "!


The Complete Run-Down of Everything
How To Start A Bakery Business
Teaches You To Do:


tick mark

  3 Reasons why a Franchise may not be for you.
  Before you invest time and money.

Tick mark   What to look for when buying a bakery.
  Before making an offer of intent.
Tick mark   Find out what equipment is required.
  Before making a major investment
Tick mark   Find out how much baked goods really cost
  and find out the strategy professional bakers use to
  ensure maximum profits.
Tick mark   How to Get Financing. What you need to get
  money from the big banks and how you can
  prove your venture will work!
Tick mark   How to Get the Best Employee's.
  For long term service.
Tick mark   Discover 10 unknown customer service secrets.
  Increase sales by over ten percent
Tick mark   Why the color in the sales area is important to
  increase your sales
Tick mark   Discover Where to place your ads. Increase sales
  by over ten percent with the right position.
Tick mark   How to increase Customer Service.
  Show your customers how much you care!
Tick mark   How to be a better manager.
  Provide leadership and responsibility!
Tick mark   How to Secure the Business.
  To prevent thefts!
Tick mark   How to Design the Bakery.
  For optimum flow and ease of operations!
Tick mark   Get to know your supplier.
  And get free ingredients!
Tick mark   Best of all, Get to KNOW your Clientele.
  For higher sales and repeat business!

Learning a trade can cost you a lot of money. It can also take years to gain real experience. 

You will never lose that money if it is used for education. It does not matter as to what country you live in, because education is an experience everyone needs to go through in their life.

How to start a bakery or start a cake shop is education, but unless you do it in a certain way, that education could end up costing you thousands in whatever your own currency may be.

Starting a bakery or starting a cake shop are one of the best business to be employed in, but a lot better to be in a business you own. It is very rewarding to your customers with personal service and fresh products.

As I said earlier, experience comes at a cost and over time it certainly mounts up. If I had known about how to start a bakery business then, I could have saved myself a lot of time, money and aggravation. Resulting in more profits to my own cake shop bakery .

Instead of working for a set hourly wage I could have been making a nice 30-70% profit on the products we make and easily doubling or even tripled my earnings.

Of course, you can only get this education by spending a lifetime of learning. Or paying someone a consulting fee by the hour which cost anywhere from $500 to $1500 dollars per hour or more. And if you have them design your business plan... well that alone can be $5000 to $10,000 dollars, Then you will still need to get and find your location.

So you can see, the information I am including in this guide can easily be valued at, well at least that, what it has COST ME to learn over the years.

However, I am not going to ask you pay that much . Not $497 dollars, even though this information is well worth that. Not even $197.00 dollars , even though this information would be well worth that much to start your own bakery business, and could perhaps be a tax write-off, with it's equipment list and bakery design along with a list of products as well as  costing's. Plus, I am giving you a sample business plan too!

Why am i willing to offer you this information at such a low cost you ask?

Well, I know how difficult it was for me to access all the information I required to open my own bakery business and I want to help both you and the general public.

You see. By my helping you achieve your goals of starting a bakery or starting a cake shop, the general public gets bread and or cakes that has flavorful and without chemicals that does "NOT" taste like cardboard.

Why not order a copy of my guide "How To Start A Bakery" for a small fraction of my life time investment and could help you in starting a bakery or your own cake shop.

Why Not Get Your Copy of my program
"How to Start a Bakery" Now.

If you order right now you will receive these six bonuses

These bonuses will assist you with:
Bonus #1  A ready-made Template in PDF format for yearly forecasting. 
Bonus #2  Receive a production sheet ready in PDF format 
Bonus #3  An application form for new employee's 
Bonus #4  Forecast sales sheet. 
Bonus #5  A Bank financing sheet  
Bonus #6  A 5 year trial balance sheet

PLUS... for a limited time an added indispensable (But unfinished) RECIPE Book AND a FREE sample business plan

My new book still being compiled entitled "Recipe's I Use Daily" is a professional bakers recipe book, up to what has been compiled so far, as a way to get some feedback. (It is NOT the final version)!

Once it is completed this professional bakers recipe book will likely cost $97.00 or more!  

Most commercially designed recipe books often cost twice that and still manage to quote un-reliable measurements of cups & teaspoons as a measure of weight. (Professional baker's don't use cups or teaspoon measurements they are grossly inaccurate).

Let me wrap this up for you with an unbeatable guarantee.

My Rock Solid, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Here's my Guarantee

Purchase  my guide to "How To Start a Bakery" right now , and check it out for a full 60 days . Compare what you see with all the other bakery info books you have bought or seen before.

I guarantee you that there are things in there that you have never seen or discovered.

Once you're through reading it, and if it's not what you're looking for, simply ask for your money back.  It couldn't be simpler.

So what exactly have you got to lose? Absolutely NOTHING!

You can use your credit card via Paypals secure web server using the Risk-Free Order Form below. It doesn't matter what the time. You'll still get your copy and everything else that comes with it even if I'm sleeping and dreaming or working in my own bakery!

Buy it now, for just $97.00 US. follow the download instructions in the e-mail and you can be following your dreams in no time.

Click on the Buy Now button below to get your copy right away .
It's your's for just $97.00 US

DOWNLOAD How to start a bakery RIGHT NOW

Click the PayPal button below just once

Click once on the Click Here to Order button

Use a PRIMARY email address!
DO NOT use a free email address
such as Hotmail or Yahoo accounts.

John Taberner,
The Crusty Baker

P. S.

Don't forget these SIX bonuses worth at least $299.00

Bonus #1  A ready-made Template in PDF format for yearly forecasting. 
Bonus #2  Forecast sales sheet.       
Bonus #3  A Bank financing sheet      
Bonus #4  A 5 year trial balance sheet 
Bonus #5  An application form for new employee's  
Bonus #6  Receive my production sheet in PDF format 

AND now a FREE Sample business plan

P. P. S.

For a LIMITED time only receive the FIRST published version of my new book
Recipes I use Daily as an Extra bonus

The price of this program could increase at any time. so do not put off your decision to learn how to Start a bakery business. Your very own bakery which could be in your home.

AND the FREE Sample business plan 


Don't forget..

You get all six bonuses and the program How to Start a Bakery PLUS the first publication of the recipe Book of Recipe's I use Daily all for one low price of just $97.00 And, a free unadvertised download which will be on your download page. Plus a FREE Sample business plan


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